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Friendly Assistance for Your Special Order and Any Inquiries

Special Requests

Can't find what you are looking for? Let us know.

We are always searching for new wine, beers, and spirits.


Although we are dedicated to being on the edge of all that is tasty in the beverage world, we haven't tried everything out there. On top of that, our shop can't possibly hold all the bottles we desire.


Strange, unconventional, or ultra-small production, send the team of Corkscrew Johnnys on a mission for your special order!


PLEASE use the form below or email jonathan@corkscrewjohnnys.com if you are after a super special bottle or product. And of course we are happy to delivery to you!

Indulge your inner wine/beer geek.

For more information on spirits we stock check out OHLQ.com!